The premier tools for learning to draw and paint the human head and body

We offer seven mannequin heads and two bodies designed specifically for artists to be used as a precursor to live models:

The Original Head and Memorized Head, as well as the Male Body and Female Body, all have planes so one can get a good understanding of the shape of the head and body and how light falls on them showing a variety of values to create the form.

The Female, Male, Smiling Female, and Exotic heads, or “natural” heads, are bald with no eyebrows and should be studied before you work with live models, as well as after when you need a substitute to practice with.

The Round Head is a good beginning point for teaching the accurate shape of the head before the planes and features are added.

They are all made with light gray polyethylene plastic. All pieces are made in the USA through a process called “rotational molding.”Each head and body is made individually and then hand-trimmed; it takes an hour to an hour and half to complete one piece! Because of the hand-trimming no head or body is ever “perfect” due to the trimmed seams, but it must meet our standard of quality before shipping out to our customers.

All our heads have a threaded hole on the bottom so they can be mounted to any standard camera tripod for tilting (we do not sell tripods). These products should be viewed from different angles with different lighting and be drawn and painted indefinitely. With practice these heads, bodies, booklets, and DVD should give you enough knowledge to paint or draw a solid head, period. When you are proficient at this task then you are ready to work with live models!

If you are looking for a step-by-step learning process, John Asaro highly suggests that you start with these three heads:

Memorized Head
Original with Booklet
Female Head

To see all our heads and bodies, please click on the link below: