As of 2021, the EU and the UK changed their laws so that all international shippers are required to collect VAT taxes at the time of sale from the customer. Planes of the Head does not currently have VAT numbers at this time so we are unable to collect taxes and pay quarterly returns to the UK and EU. This new law only applies to packages which have a value of: UK = £135 or less EU = €150 or less However, the exception to this rule is that we can ship orders to the EU and UK if the value of the package is more than the amounts mentioned (£135 and €150). In which case, you may need to purchase another item to accomplish this. Example: 1 Original Head w/Booklet and 1 Female Head = $188 USD which converts to £148 or €176. (This is an example only as currency conversions can change daily.) The prices on our website are in US dollars so please use a Currency Conversion calculator to ensure that you have gone over the required amounts above. We will also review the order before it is shipped to make sure there is no problem as we do not want your package to be returned to us. If you have any questions, please use our Contact Page and we will be happy to assist you.